Words From Master Bren – Black Belt Grading

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Words From Master Bren – Black Belt Grading

Yesterday we had a Black Belt grading, I tested 6 young candidates for their Black Belts.

I cannot express how proud I am of these young children, they showed tremendous strength, tenacity, heart and martial spirit. In these students I saw self realization, that they came to realize what they are capable of.

I saw the strength of love a student had for his brother, and a display of emotional happiness when he saw his sibling achieve his black belt in outstanding fashion- a true display of strength through love. I saw the strength of emotion of when the child himself achieved his own Black Belt in outstanding fashion, it cements the fact of what Black Belt means.CONGRATULATIONS MATHEW AND MARTIN!

I saw a young boy take the hardest road possible in choices he made during his test in order to challenge his heightened capabilities and pass with flying colours, CONGRATULATIONS ALEKS!
I watched others rise to a level they had never achieved before, performing at a level they themselves never thought possible, and push through the most challenging situation of physical and mental endurance, CONGRATULATIONS CHARBEL AND JESSICA!

I literally saw a change before my very eyes as I witnessed a child enduring an extremely challenging situation, literally turn a psychological switch and emerge with a strength found from within, rising to excellence.

And at that moment I knew that that child will have that realization with any hardship they may endure during their life, that from this moment on they will have a courageous belief in themselves and no task, problem, opponent will ever stand in their way. CONGRATULATIONS ELLA!!

All 6 of these children are extremely special and have accomplished a great achievement. And I am sure that each and everyone of them will achieve greatness and success in life, just as an Elite Black Belt should.

THANK YOU to the wonderful parents, who have supported and nurtured 6 amazing children.

THANK YOU to our amazing instructors and Staff your integrity, loyalty and passion is immeasurable.

God bless and love to all through martial spirit.

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